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The Pelican Product line encompass's the famous Pelican Protector case line, Pelican micro cases, iPod cases, laptop cases, the new Roto Pack rotationally molded cases and the new Pelican Remote Area Lighting Systems.

Pelican cases come in over 60 different sizes and the new Pelican Remote Area Lighting Systems utilize the latest LED technology to provide up to 56 hours of bright LED light over large areas.

Pelican Cases
Pelican Protector Cases Pelican Storm Cases
Pelican Protector cases are available in 48 differeent sizes. Pelican cases come standard with pick 'n pluck foam interior, are watertight and have a lifetime warranty. See the new product line from Pelican Storm Cases.
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Remote Area Lighting Systems iPod Cases
Pelican Remote Area Lighting Systems utilize the latest LED technology to provide up to 56 hours of bright LED light over large areas. Pelican iPod cases are designed to protect various iPods and the new iPhone.
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Laptop Cases Pelican Micro Cases Pelican Micro Case
Pelican offers a variety of cases to protect laptop computers. We have a case for everyone from Students to traveling business professionals. Pelican Micro Cases are available in 6 sizes from the model 1010 to the model 1060 case and come standard with a rubber liner.
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Roto Pack Cases Pelican EMS Cases Pelican 1550EMS case
Pelican Hardigg Roto Pack Cases include Large and XX Large ruggedized Shipping cases, Specialty products, and Black Box rack mount cases. Pelican EMS cases are available in 3 sizes. The 1500EMS, 1550EMS and 1600EMS.
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  • Pelican cases recently acquired Hardigg cases and expanded its product line to include the Storm case line.
  • Pelican waterproof cases are used to protect everything from cameras to guns. 
  • They have even been used on the back of motorcycles to keep gear watertight on long rides. 
  • All cases come with a full lifetime warranty.
  • The micro case line has been very popular among outdoor enthusiasts looking to keep cell phones, wallets, radios, GPS units and other small items dry and safe. 
  • Pelican's laptop cases protect your laptop from damage from shock, vibration and water.
  • The Remote Area Lighting Systems line of bright LED lights come in many different sizes with battery life up to 56 hours.
  • The IPod and IPhone case line will keep your apple device safe from the elements.
  • Pelican EMS cases provide first responders with an organized setup of medical supplies.
  • Roto Pack cases are designed as a more rugged case solution for more extreme environments
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//Tom // 8/18/09

"We wife and I travelled across country onb our motorcycle using Pelican cases attached the the sides and rear of my bike.  They kept everything dry even during very hard thunderstorms.. ”

Pelican 9430 Light
Pelican 9430 RALS Light
The Pelican 9430 Lighting System offers up to 15 hours of light.
TSA Combo Lock
TSA Combo Lock 
The TSA Combo Lock helps secure your cases.
Military Cases
View our complete line of Military Cases.